Tuesday, August 5, 2008


life with twins...

every day is chock-full of surprises.

and today has been no exception.

this morning i put the bubs down at 9.30 for their morning nap and settled in for my bible study and then some cleaning like always. 2 hours is a nice chunk of time every morning to get some things done and have a little peace and quiet.

10 a.m. i hear crying from the bedroom. no. screaming. blood-curdling, there's-no-way-i'm-just-going-to-soothe-myself-back-to-sleep screaming.


mr. w didn't want to nap any more. so much for cleaning.

my not-so-secret indulgence/addiction since jr. high has been days of our lives.

(go ahead and mock me. let him who doesn't know the names bo & hope cast the first stone)

so i'm watching today and it seems that, once again, the ruthless & evil stefano dimera is back from the "dead" -- or perhaps just a non-recoverable drug-induced coma.


well, maybe not so much a surprise...it tends to happen...

the boys were contentedly playing in our living room this afternoon, staying out of trouble, and allowing me to get some things accomplished. look how cute they are.

wait just a second...

i think we need to take a closer look at a few things...

yes, that is, in fact, a huggies size 3 diaper lying in the middle of my floor...

and check this out:

did you notice he's still wearing his shorts?

did you notice the large wet spot in his crotch?


apparently, the diaper belonged to mr. n. i have no idea how he managed to take it off while still wearing his shorts.

he is clearly gifted.


thekeller4 said...

Maybe his brother helped him out! ;-) Too funny!!

Kelly said...

that is seriously impressive! that ought to make him eligible for mensa at this age, don't you think?

Lucas ● ルーカス said...

Even I recognize Stefano when I see him . . . never underestimate the power of those soaps!

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