Wednesday, August 17, 2011


just a few random thoughts that have been on my mind...

  • i went into Hobby Lobby yesterday and was accosted by Christmas. in August. and it's 107 degrees outside. i'm not sure how this whole life-in-the-desert thing is going to work out.
  • i adore it when Shorty sings himself to sleep. tonight it's Old MacDonald.
  • i don't like it when the hubby is out of town on business. i know he's working, but in my head he is snorkeling. all day long. while i'm dealing with crabby kids and having half-eaten fish sticks for my dinner.
  • i cracked the wine tonight to have with my soggy fish.
  • perhaps the wine is contributing to the random nature of this post.
  • today i volunteered to be room mom for the twins' preschool class. i thought it would be a great way to be involved and meet people. then i realized that i don't know the first thing about being a room mom.
  • middle school teachers (which i was, once upon a time) technically have room moms, but it is about that time that room-mom enthusiasm completely ends. middle school room moms are more of a theory than a reality.
  • i don't think a theoretical preschool room mom is going to cut it.
  • monday a scorpion dropped from the vent in the bottom of the microwave onto the spoon rest on the oven, where it got stuck.
  • tuesday the microwave blew up. okay, it just shorted out.
  • is it possible for scorpions to use those pinchers to destroy a microwave's wiring?
  • i despise scorpions.
  • i will blame them for everything.
  • including global warming.
  • while it's kind of fun rambling like this, i think i need to stop. it's time to curl up with my vino, my book, my cat, and my tempurpedic sleep vortex mattress.
good night and good luck.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Anybody remember these sweet little babies?

Well...they just went to their first day of PRESCHOOL today!

Mr. W made a bee-line for the door of the school and didn't look back. Mr. N turned around and asked, "Are you leaving? Good." Shorty was not so happy that his big brothers were abandoning him for the day, but I think they were thrilled to get a little time without him.

They put on a good show of it, but about halfway in, they did apparently start asking for me. According to N, he was "a good boy until [he] started crying for Mommy." He also said he didn't like his teacher because she told him he needed to stop crying. Glad to know he missed me.

The combination of a 3-hour jet lag (which had them up before 6 a.m.) and a very big day tuckered them out and they were asleep on the playroom floor before I could even get some juice for them.

They aren't so big. ;-)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

off we go...

Tomorrow morning we pack up all 3 munchkins & head to the airport for a flight to Boston, complete with one stop to change planes. While I am excited beyond words -- which is quite a feat for me, really, to be beyond words -- about our week-long vacation in Cape Cod with my cousin & her lovelies, I have to admit that I am a bit nervous about the flight with my 3 crazy boys.

They have all flown before. But never all 3 together. And never such a long flight. Both times it was to Ohio from Colorado.

The twins flew when they were about 18 months with both me & the hubby to keep them in line. More or less. I suppose it would depend on whom you asked whether they were "more" or "less" under control.

Shorty flew with me when he was just 2 months old. Easy peasy.

Now they are not quite two and nearly four. And active. And noisy. And bossy. And stubborn. And very, very excited about flying.

This time we are clearly going to be "those people."

You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones you look at while you are waiting to board and say a silent prayer that they are not on your flight.

Yeah. That's us.

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