Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer School-cation

We wasted no time in getting down to business on this little homeschool adventure of ours. The boys wanted to start as soon as they got home from their last day of pre-K at the Y. So far it has been a ton of fun and has kept us plenty busy this summer.
SO excited to start Basement School
our classroom

the little table & the reading corner

some of our colorful supplies

the reading sofa

the easel

music, books, and supplies, oh my!

a whole wall dedicated to our masterpieces

scissors & glue

hard at work

such concentration!

working together

reading together

art -- this one was inspired by Moby Dick

everyone loves the chalkboard

sometimes it's easier to concentrate while we ambulate

art is a multi-sensory activity

he's pretty sure oil & water will mix if he shakes it hard enough

he thinks his will mix, too

shake it!

cooking together

teamwork gets the job done

crabcakes were mostly a hit

excited to try new foods!

thumbs way down for clam chowder


shake shake shake your sillies out
watching our SALSA videos

playing phonics BINGO

I'm going to win!

concentrating hard!

phonics Go Fish!

do you have a sss...ssss...ssssun?

unhappy about losing

from the treasure chest

making coconut cream pie

coconut chicken and tropical fruit salad earned rave reviews

these beans fared better than the flowers we planted just before the tornado hit

coconut cream pie = yum!

There were also plenty of moments of discipline, tears, tantrums, and the like. I decided not to get out the camera at those times, though... Maybe next month.
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