Thursday, January 29, 2009

chicken legs joins the fiesta

chubs is no longer alone in the world of walking! we now have 2 little frankensteins stumbling around the house. mr. w is nowhere near doing it the majority of the time, but he is getting closer every day & seems to be having lots of fun.

i guess it's time to dig the leashes out of the closet.

Friday, January 16, 2009

not part of MY master plan, but...

the boys had some mixed emotions once they figured out what their shirts said...
b & i had always said 2 kids. our plan, though, was have 1, adopt 1. god decided his plan was better & gave us our 2 right away.

not part of our master plan.

but the little guys are amazing & we figured, hey, we got a bogo kind of deal. there are our 2 kids.

hot dog. we're done.

once again, it seems that the man upstairs finds my planning to be a bit funny. he has overruled my decision. and so, here we are, waiting for #3. and we are really excited.

but we're definitely done after this one.

i think i hear a distant chuckling coming from somewhere in the clouds.

maybe i need to stop planning so much.

proverbs 16:9 "in his heart a man plans his steps, but the LORD determines his course."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a little randomness

videos are so much fun -- except that it's nearly impossible for me to take them without the boys just attacking the camera. but i have managed to catch a few recently!

the first is ALL BOY!

that is mr. w with his face pressed to a piece of seldom-used exercise equipment making fart noises -- something that it seems boys never grow out of. mr. n showed him how, but was more interested in the camera. he gets in on the act for just a second. and so it begins...

we have also reached a turning point with mr. n -- he is FINALLY starting to walk (although only about 40% of the time & with many stumbles). he was having so much fun on saturday that i thought for sure he would never crawl again. i was wrong. he didn't walk once on sunday.

mr. w is starting to come around, too, but is staying true to form & letting his bro figure it out first. i don't think he'll be far behind, though!

Monday, January 5, 2009

i'm totally unoriginal

it seems like everyone has their christmas decor down already. not me. it's not allowed to come down until after los reyes. how can i stop celebrating the birth of christ when the 3 wise men haven't even come yet? i can't!

so, until after tomorrow my tree will be up & the lights will be twinkling. and i won't consider myself too late to copy what it seems everyone else is doing to celebrate the end of the year:

posting my top 10 of 2008.

i'll try to do them chronologically. we'll see.

this one is hilarious -- i love the expressions on their faces as they try so hard to sit up back in january!

my little gigglers!

good boy, wes

because the little guys weren't the only ones looking cute in the spring

bath time is sooooo fun!

we love to swing -- and how sweet that we fit in just one!

too cute as pirates for halloween

and, oh, the spooning!

great-grandparents are so special: brian's grandpa oliverand my grandma flo

it's been one wild ride & my how we've all grown!
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