Friday, July 30, 2010


I've been home for nearly a week.

What have I been doing? (you mean besides dishes & laundry, of course)


Sweet. Blessed. Nothing.

Wonder how long that will last?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Is it a "staycation" if you have to stay in the spot you were vacationing in? hmm.

On July 4th our holiday began with a 14ish-hour car ride from Our House to the Hometown. The big boys did very well. Mr. Fussy Pants, as the baby is now known, was a fussy pants. For 14ish hours. With nowhere for me to run to.

It is now July 18th and I am not back home. Nor am I going to be tomorrow. With any luck, we will be there Tuesday. Sixteen days after leaving.

We planned a few days to visit friends and acclimate to Granny & Grandad's house before I headed off to the Big Apple for 5 days for a lovely visit with my hubby. Then there were the days with Daddy back here. After that, we scheduled a few more "visiting" and "resting" kind of days before piling back into the car to head West.

What we did NOT plan was an ear infection, and not one - but two - barfing boys with fevers. Oh, and I forgot to mention the 3 nights of NO SLEEP FOR MOMMY that accompanied these unplanned adventures.

Our return trip was delayed one day when Shorty decided that sleeping was not something he could fathom while his ear hurt, no matter the amount of pain killers he was force-fed. It just didn't seem smart to drive after 2 sleepless nights, so postpone we did. Surely a full-night's sleep would help make the trip more enjoyable for all.

Then, as I was deciding where to pack everything, W suddenly had a fever and we were frantically changing sheets and pajamas and cleaning up the "essential" animals for sleeping. Not much later, N was highly upset because he had "made a mess" on the bed by regurgitating part of his dinner.

It was clear that we weren't leaving any time soon.

After our recovery day, we are feeling better, but not great. Mommy still hasn't had anywhere close to a full night's sleep. One more day...surely everyone will be healthy and rested if we just wait one more day.

This is the trip that never ends. It just goes on and on my friend...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

happy 8 years

in just a few short hours, i'll be kid-free and happily celebrating my 8th anniversary with a trip here, oh yes, i will:
and, just like mr. billy joel, i am in a New York state of mind.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


There he is. Mr. N sportin' his very own Big Boy Underpants. Complete with the always groovy Lightning McQueen.

(could he get any cuter?)
That's right, boys and girls, 1/2 of Double Trouble is officially...dare I say it...Potty Trained! He has accomplished such feats as:
  • Travelling to Super Target in cloth training pants and keeping them dry.
  • Waiting (!) to use the potty in said store because Mommy didn't really want to abandon a cart completely full of groceries to use the inconveniently located restroom at the front of the store (please do not bring unpaid merchandise...blah, blah, blah...whoever designed that one had no kids).
  • Stopping playing with 4 big boys to come up out of their basement to pee.
  • Getting out of the bathtub while Mommy was attending Baby Brother and pooping for the first time on the potty.
  • Waking up dry from nearly every nap and overnight!
I think the other half of the Dynamic Duo, however, is going to need to start all over again with a Relaunch of Potty Training Weekend. We still don't know if he can't figure it out or if he just doesn't care. Or some combination of the two. Oh, well.
One down. One to go. (well, two to go, but Shorty doesn't count yet, right?)
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