Thursday, July 1, 2010


There he is. Mr. N sportin' his very own Big Boy Underpants. Complete with the always groovy Lightning McQueen.

(could he get any cuter?)
That's right, boys and girls, 1/2 of Double Trouble is officially...dare I say it...Potty Trained! He has accomplished such feats as:
  • Travelling to Super Target in cloth training pants and keeping them dry.
  • Waiting (!) to use the potty in said store because Mommy didn't really want to abandon a cart completely full of groceries to use the inconveniently located restroom at the front of the store (please do not bring unpaid merchandise...blah, blah, blah...whoever designed that one had no kids).
  • Stopping playing with 4 big boys to come up out of their basement to pee.
  • Getting out of the bathtub while Mommy was attending Baby Brother and pooping for the first time on the potty.
  • Waking up dry from nearly every nap and overnight!
I think the other half of the Dynamic Duo, however, is going to need to start all over again with a Relaunch of Potty Training Weekend. We still don't know if he can't figure it out or if he just doesn't care. Or some combination of the two. Oh, well.
One down. One to go. (well, two to go, but Shorty doesn't count yet, right?)

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