Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'll give you 3 guesses what our Halloween costume/Birthday party theme is this year.




Oh, my! You guessed it.

While the kiddos are still young enough for me to impose my will upon them, we will have matchy costumes & parties to go along with them. This year, we were off to see the wizard!

The party was lots of fun, with good friends, cake, goodies, movie references galore, and a house full of kiddos. I was slightly concerned about how to entertain all those children (while B was more worried about the condition of the carpet after the consumption of rainbow cupcakes), but was pleased to discover that balloons can provide hours of fun for kids of all ages (and B was pleased to discover that all of our friends are very aware of his obsessive cleanliness).

Dorothy, the Scarecrow,
the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion
all enjoyed their time in Munchkinland.

Toto even got in on a bit of the action.
Can you tell how much the hubby loves this sort of thing?I promised him he can pick his own costume for next year and we will work with it.

Yes, that's right, I'm already plotting for next year:
  • how to please the hubby
  • how to incorporate 4 other costumes into his plan
  • how to have a party for the twins with those costumes
  • and how to get the littlest guy in on the action for his birthday without getting sick of the theme by Halloween.

another sneak peek

we had photo shoot #2 to capture the boys' 2nd birthday & maybe some of the whole family...check out the preview here.

birthday party pics coming soon...

Monday, October 12, 2009

mama, if that's movin' up then i'm...movin' out!

we are moving up in the world! this morning my big boys graduated from their big, ugly, cumbersome (rolling!) high chairs to lovely, compact booster seats. my kitchen table has never looked better.
to celebrate their graduation to official "big boy during mealtime" status, they let mama choose the breakfast entertainment. no educational (or not-so-educational, for that matter) videos for us this morning. mama chose to put on her music of choice...this morning it was billy joel (the stranger, to be exact)...ah, to not have to endure kiddie music or videos for just a moment was glorious.

the boys even seemed to enjoy it...here they are, singing along (they were dancing too, but apparently got camera shy):

unfortunately, after breakfast, i seemingly misjudged their level of maturity. i headed upstairs to put the baby down for a nap...

and things got very very quiet downstairs.

that's never a good sign.

i put the baby in his crib and tip-toed down the stairs, hoping to catch the rascals red-handed. they weren't in the living room...not in the kitchen, either. i didn't even see them in the family room. but i spied a clue in the foyer.
toilet paper!

i opened the door to the powder room and saw
toilet paper everywhere (mostly in the toilet, though)! and a roll that had been two-thirds full when i had headed upstairs now looked like this:

it took 3 flushes to get it all down the toilet, all the while, mr. n was gleefully pointing to the toilet and exclaiming, "PEE PEEE PEEEEE!"

i don't think he gets it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

eviction notice

some of you may know the details, others may not care...but in case there is anyone out there who is curious about little l's entrance into the world, a-bloggin' i will go.

i love my darling husband to death, but as the we got closer & closer to my due date, it really began to annoy me when he didn't answer the phone when i called him while at work. what if it were TIME? i kept saying. he was pretty good about getting back to me as soon as he could, but in my mind that wasn't good enough.

then there was the issue of limon.

he has to travel to limon once or twice a month. the possibility of his being a little more than an hour away (and possibly under a dish machine somewhere) when i went into labor didn't please me too much.

on top of that, there's this big prison out there. and he's responsible for keeping all those inmates sanitized and germ-free. this is a task which requires several hours every time he visits.

no cell phones allowed.

for hours at a time.

this was my recurring nightmare: the hubby, in limon, shuts & locks his car (cell phone inside), gives his hair a passing glance in the car window (and tweaks it just a bit), and turns to walk inside limon correctional facility. at that moment, his cell phone rings. i have just gone into labor & am headed to the hospital. nearly 4 hours later, he comes out to the car and checks his messages, he immediately starts for denver, but with rush-hour traffic it takes nearly 2 hours to arrive. by this point in time, i have already given birth and called him names which cannot be printed here.

so, when my doctor mentioned an elective induction at 39 weeks, i jumped on it.

we checked in on 9.9.09 at 9p.m. and i was already contracting regularly (unbeknownst to me). apparently, this caused some sort of last-minute change of plan. it was 11p.m. before the started the pitocin. all night long, i kept hearing the same thing, "your contractions are looking pretty impressive, on a scale of 1-10, how's your discomfort." they would look at me, a bit perplexed, when i responded over and over again, "maybe a 1." each time i was told they were increasing the pitocin because we wanted it to hurt.

sure we did.

at around 8 in the morning, i finally felt uncomfortable so i asked for my bff to pay me a visit -- the man with that glorious creation, the epidural. by noon my doctor arrived. at quarter past i started pushing, and the little guy made his appearence at 12.38.

his big brothers are adjusting. acting out a bit,

and watching too much tv,
but adjusting (and learning the alphabet to boot -- thank you cookie monster, thank you big bird) to this little sweet pea.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

that time of year again!

fall, my favorite! love the weather! love the colors (although i have to say, it's a little better in illinois)! love the food! love the decor!

so down to the basement i went (love that it's not a crawlspace anymore) to fetch my boxes of autumn stuff. stuff which seemed plentiful in the townhome. i was a bit dismayed to find that if i put ALL of it out (including the things which will inevitably go back in the box) it didn't even fill up my kitchen island. i'm afraid my plethora of pumpkins isn't as prodigious as i had previously thought. sigh.
to make matters worse, i have expressly forbidden myself from spending any more money on decorations this year. no more pumpkins until next year. and i certainly can't have the lovely fall wreath i'm dying to make & hang on the door.

on a brigher note, i have the family halloween costumes nearly finished (with a little help from ma this year) and plans for the boys' birthday fiesta are under way...

i know i haven't posted much about the newest addition to the family...i'll give details about how things have been going soon. until then, ponder this sweetness:
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