Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to the Grind

Today was the first day of pre-K for these big boys...and a busy busy day it was for us.
We started the morning with a bath and a haircut. Nolan requires convincing each time, as he is still waiting for his hair to grow out and has bad memories about our last time at an actual hair salon. Truthfully, so do I.
Today was also the first day of the twins' gymnastics class and Shorty's music class, so off we went to the YMCA. Did you know they have everything for young men to enjoy? It's true.
Things 1 & 2 loved their gymnastics class. Especially jumping and falling backwards into the foam pit. Who doesn't love that? Shorty informed his music teacher several times, "I'm done with this class." Clearly, she was overwhelmed by his politeness.
We made a quick trip home for lunch and a change of clothes for the twins. I couldn't have them headed to their first day of school in sweaty gym clothes. They wouldn't have minded, I'm sure. But I'm a sucker for new outfits. And new shoes. Because shoes can make or break an outfit.
Off we trekked again to the YMCA to drop the big boys off at school while the Little Man and I planned to go shopping just the two of us. He wasn't too sure of the fun factor in that.
It was super fun to see a bunch of familiar faces (and pose for a photo opp) just before heading inside.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 didn't even look back to wave "goodbye" to me and Shorty, who said with the most pathetic little voice as we were leaving, "Now I have no friends."
Hopefully he will decide that I can be his friend while his brothers are away for a few hours. Otherwise, it is going to be a long school year..
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