Friday, April 24, 2009

just one of those days...

it seems like it's going to be, anyway. but i hope not.

really, it's not too bad.


i haven't felt the full wrath of napless kiddos at 3 in the afternoon.

like i said...yet.

i put the little guys down for their nap &, as always, they played for a while. mr. n was clearly more tired than his brother & crawled up into bed & passed out. not 15 minutes later, i was spying on them, and witnessed mr. w putting every stuffed animal he could into the bed, stuffing 2 more into his mouth, and trying to climb up to join his brother.

needless to say, with the crowd already there & an encumbrance hanging from his mouth, he struggled.

finally, he grabbed hold of his brother's hair, kicked his leg over his brother's head, & managed to hoist himself up to a seated position. on top of the sleeping one's back. surprisingly, this did not wake the little snoozer. then mr. w decided that the sleeping lump was warm & soft enough to be a pillow. and promptly used him as one, curling up practically right on top of him and giving him a little poke & shove to get him in the right position.

this did wake up mr. n.

and the 2 of them decided that naptime is over (or, i am hoping, has not had begun -- but i'm not going to hold my breath). there are lots of thumps & thuds overhead as i type this, but the dominant noise is that of little boys makeing engine sounds.

vroom, vroom, vroom

do you think toy cars & the noises of imaginary motors are as effective at lulling little ones to sleep as the real thing? i sure hope so.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

can you tell we've been practicing?

such big boys...learning how to eat with spoons & to feed themselves. and it's working so well.

just look at the technique mr. w demonstrates, holding the spoon so carefully in his right hand...

...while actually EATING the oatmeal with his left.

and mr. n, showing he knows exactly what to do as he pokes at the food in his bowl with the spoon...

...and then has to work AROUND it, to get at the food with his fingers.

such fun.
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