Friday, April 24, 2009

just one of those days...

it seems like it's going to be, anyway. but i hope not.

really, it's not too bad.


i haven't felt the full wrath of napless kiddos at 3 in the afternoon.

like i said...yet.

i put the little guys down for their nap &, as always, they played for a while. mr. n was clearly more tired than his brother & crawled up into bed & passed out. not 15 minutes later, i was spying on them, and witnessed mr. w putting every stuffed animal he could into the bed, stuffing 2 more into his mouth, and trying to climb up to join his brother.

needless to say, with the crowd already there & an encumbrance hanging from his mouth, he struggled.

finally, he grabbed hold of his brother's hair, kicked his leg over his brother's head, & managed to hoist himself up to a seated position. on top of the sleeping one's back. surprisingly, this did not wake the little snoozer. then mr. w decided that the sleeping lump was warm & soft enough to be a pillow. and promptly used him as one, curling up practically right on top of him and giving him a little poke & shove to get him in the right position.

this did wake up mr. n.

and the 2 of them decided that naptime is over (or, i am hoping, has not had begun -- but i'm not going to hold my breath). there are lots of thumps & thuds overhead as i type this, but the dominant noise is that of little boys makeing engine sounds.

vroom, vroom, vroom

do you think toy cars & the noises of imaginary motors are as effective at lulling little ones to sleep as the real thing? i sure hope so.

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