Thursday, October 1, 2009

that time of year again!

fall, my favorite! love the weather! love the colors (although i have to say, it's a little better in illinois)! love the food! love the decor!

so down to the basement i went (love that it's not a crawlspace anymore) to fetch my boxes of autumn stuff. stuff which seemed plentiful in the townhome. i was a bit dismayed to find that if i put ALL of it out (including the things which will inevitably go back in the box) it didn't even fill up my kitchen island. i'm afraid my plethora of pumpkins isn't as prodigious as i had previously thought. sigh.
to make matters worse, i have expressly forbidden myself from spending any more money on decorations this year. no more pumpkins until next year. and i certainly can't have the lovely fall wreath i'm dying to make & hang on the door.

on a brigher note, i have the family halloween costumes nearly finished (with a little help from ma this year) and plans for the boys' birthday fiesta are under way...

i know i haven't posted much about the newest addition to the family...i'll give details about how things have been going soon. until then, ponder this sweetness:

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