Monday, October 12, 2009

mama, if that's movin' up then i'm...movin' out!

we are moving up in the world! this morning my big boys graduated from their big, ugly, cumbersome (rolling!) high chairs to lovely, compact booster seats. my kitchen table has never looked better.
to celebrate their graduation to official "big boy during mealtime" status, they let mama choose the breakfast entertainment. no educational (or not-so-educational, for that matter) videos for us this morning. mama chose to put on her music of choice...this morning it was billy joel (the stranger, to be exact)...ah, to not have to endure kiddie music or videos for just a moment was glorious.

the boys even seemed to enjoy they are, singing along (they were dancing too, but apparently got camera shy):

unfortunately, after breakfast, i seemingly misjudged their level of maturity. i headed upstairs to put the baby down for a nap...

and things got very very quiet downstairs.

that's never a good sign.

i put the baby in his crib and tip-toed down the stairs, hoping to catch the rascals red-handed. they weren't in the living room...not in the kitchen, either. i didn't even see them in the family room. but i spied a clue in the foyer.
toilet paper!

i opened the door to the powder room and saw
toilet paper everywhere (mostly in the toilet, though)! and a roll that had been two-thirds full when i had headed upstairs now looked like this:

it took 3 flushes to get it all down the toilet, all the while, mr. n was gleefully pointing to the toilet and exclaiming, "PEE PEEE PEEEEE!"

i don't think he gets it.

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Robin said...

oh meg... never a dull moment at your house :o)

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