Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a little randomness

videos are so much fun -- except that it's nearly impossible for me to take them without the boys just attacking the camera. but i have managed to catch a few recently!

the first is ALL BOY!

that is mr. w with his face pressed to a piece of seldom-used exercise equipment making fart noises -- something that it seems boys never grow out of. mr. n showed him how, but was more interested in the camera. he gets in on the act for just a second. and so it begins...

we have also reached a turning point with mr. n -- he is FINALLY starting to walk (although only about 40% of the time & with many stumbles). he was having so much fun on saturday that i thought for sure he would never crawl again. i was wrong. he didn't walk once on sunday.

mr. w is starting to come around, too, but is staying true to form & letting his bro figure it out first. i don't think he'll be far behind, though!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

SO fun! thanks for the giggles. :)

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