Monday, January 5, 2009

i'm totally unoriginal

it seems like everyone has their christmas decor down already. not me. it's not allowed to come down until after los reyes. how can i stop celebrating the birth of christ when the 3 wise men haven't even come yet? i can't!

so, until after tomorrow my tree will be up & the lights will be twinkling. and i won't consider myself too late to copy what it seems everyone else is doing to celebrate the end of the year:

posting my top 10 of 2008.

i'll try to do them chronologically. we'll see.

this one is hilarious -- i love the expressions on their faces as they try so hard to sit up back in january!

my little gigglers!

good boy, wes

because the little guys weren't the only ones looking cute in the spring

bath time is sooooo fun!

we love to swing -- and how sweet that we fit in just one!

too cute as pirates for halloween

and, oh, the spooning!

great-grandparents are so special: brian's grandpa oliverand my grandma flo

it's been one wild ride & my how we've all grown!


Kari said...

they are such cute little gigglers! I love it!

Britt said...

Cute pics, Meg.

Question: What happened to The Cutest Blog on the Block? I reeeeally want to change my background.

Mandie said...

Oh the that has me laughing. They are SO cute! I loved your pics this year!

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