Wednesday, July 23, 2008


how is it possible that 2 little people with the same dna, raised by the same people at the same time can be so very different ALREADY?

i had imagined the typical search for identity that happens when kids are in school. i had dreamed up sibling rivalries and arguments in which one child screamed, "i'm not (insert name here), so stop treating me like i am, okay!"

goodness knows there was plenty of all that in my household.

and i don't even have a twin. let alone an "identical" twin.


these boys are as different as night and day.

even down to the way they crawl.

wes took his time in learning, studying, perfecting his technique before demonstrating it publically.

nolan, on the other hand, had places to go, people to see and couldn't be bothered by what some might consider improper form or excessive noisemaking.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

i love that they have their own styles already. :)

we want to hear more about your trip! tell, tell!

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