Sunday, June 22, 2008

doesn't it bother them?

people are always asking all kinds of questions about the twins. it's like a whole conversation piece right there. there's no peaceful stroll through the park or the mall for me. no quick trip to target -- just in and out. someone always has something witty or clever to say or a conversation to start (for a full commentary on this please see previous post).

lately a big one (since the boys are getting older & much much more mobile) has been the topic of sleeping arrangements.

do they still sleep in one crib?

hmmm. our townhome is under 1,000 square feet. we had to do a little squeezing to get one crib & changing table to work in their room. i think if we add a 2nd one, the crawl space would have to be converted into a nursery for the boys.

in other words: yes, they still share a crib.

but...doesn't it bother them? i mean, don't they hit each other and things? is almost always the next question.

well, yes. they do poke & prod & hit & wrestle. but...let's think about this...what do you think they were doing inside one uterus for 9 months? i know for a fact that there were wrestling matches even then.

and i know this may be hard to believe, but their crib is...actually...BIGGER...than my uterus was.

by a few inches.

still incredulous, the other person usually persists in the questioning. don't they wake each other up?


does your husband ever wake you up with his snoring? or worse yet, a powerful fart that wafts up the tunnel of covers straight into your unsuspecting nostrils?

perhaps b is unusual. but he wakes me up sometimes. and then i roll over & go back to sleep.


babies can do the same thing.

and, honestly, would side-by-side cribs really do much to help one sleep through the other one's screaming in the middle of the night? doubt it.

so all i'd be eliminating is the chance to sneak
into their room
& see this
precious picture.

so. you tell me. does it bother them to stil sleep in the same crib?


Janet Lorraine said...

I found your blog through Valinda's. Your twins are so cute. Your blog is great!

Anonymous said...

Meg! I cannot believe these pictures! I stared at them for several minutes...could not tare(sp) my eyes away. They are adorable!!!

Robin said...

That is AWESOME! Too sweet.

Mandie said...

Those pictures are too much. Never separate them! It would ruin so much photographic cuteness for years to come!

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