Sunday, June 8, 2008

happy birthday to my hottie of a hubby!

28 years ago today (gasp, he's an 80s baby -- if you didn't gasp, don't tell me, i don't want to feel old) this adorable creature was born:

brian edward mitchell -- isn't he cute?

check him out a year later. he's already got awesome fashion sense, doesn't he?

being such a manly man, he had to learn to shave that wicked beard at just 2 years old:

at just 3 years of age, we could see where much of his life focus would be -- lookin good for the ladies!

somehow, even at a mere 6 years old, he knew that he would one day get to repair things in kitchens:

time does fly when you are having fun, and soon brian was turning 11. does everyone remember hypercolor? yes, that is a 100% authentic hypercolor t-shirt brian's brother is pressing his face into. ah, arpits and crotches that turn different colors from body heat. what a brilliant idea!

the teenage years are interesting ones for all of us. brian was 1 part nerd and 2 parts jock. he got to travel all over the country (and also to england) for soccer camps and such. doesn't he look like a friendly kid, though?

at 14 he moved to spain & came back in the summers to visit his family. check out his uber-stylish bowl cut here:

now, i know you all are wondering how to snag such a looker for yourselves. but just hold on, things did start looking better after puberty and all its bizarre effects wore off.

this is what brian looked like when i met him in barcelona. if i may say so, i certainly got myself my own mc steamy -- who needs grey's anatomy?

and he's still just as handsome 6 years later!

happy birthday, sweetie, and thanks for making me one lucky woman!


Anonymous said...

How fun - tell him we said Happy Birthday! You guys are precious!!

Kelly said...

nice picture post, meg! happy bday to the young'un! :)

Michael Rogers said...

Smokin' hot snag you got there. The cradle robbing paid off...although he did just take me on a pretty expensive date "out of town." McSteamy indeed!


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