Friday, August 22, 2008

because i thought it would be fun

just so that we are all clear that i'm not the only one around here with quirks, i thought it would be fun to share with you the 6 quirkiest things about my darling hubby. of course, they are going to be the quirks i love about him, the quirks that make him b. the quirks that irritate me . . . those are for another day.

and probably it's better not to hang dirty laundry out for the whole blogging universe to look at. nobody needs to take a close look at somebody else's skivvies, as far as i'm concerned -- even if they are Calvin Klein.

so, here they are in the order they come to mind:

The 6 Quirkiest Things About B:

1. his closet is immaculate. a place for everything, and everything in its place. each hanger, evenly spaced. he can sense as soon as he opens the closet door if some other less tidy creature (me) has invaded and attempted to put something away.

2. he is the clean-up man. this is highly related to #1, but he will literally follow me around the kitchen with a sponge, cleaning the mess i make as i am making it. my baking style is his nightmare.

3. sometimes he'll say, "i'm looking for a brown argyle sweater this season." however, more often it comes out something like, "i would like a Paul Smith shirt. i don't have one of those." (!) this is a language i don't speak. i fill in my wardrobe by color & style. apparently, this other method works, too.

4. he cannot play a game "for fun." it must be to win. and it must be highly competitive. if it's a board game, he'll even stoop to cheating (WARNING: do not play scattergories with him unless you are willing to challenge answers). chess, he won't even play with me -- i don't take the game seriously enough (and, thus, stink). scrabble -- he seeks out his true competition, my mother. bowling -- don't even think about crazy bowling. it's serious business. and soccer? we're working on getting him to a point where he can play anything below semi-pro. we'll see.

5. he has had the same haircut for 5 years. attempts to branch out, in his opinion, just didn't work as well as what he has now. he has found a style he likes, and he is sticking to it. (i think he's hot regardless)

6. he can read books and books of philosophy, theology, and whatever other -ology seems to strike his fancy. but he can't seem to make it through a novel. we even tried Of Mice and Men. no dice (AND IT'S 80 PAGES, PEOPLE).

so, that's him. i hope it was as fun for you to read about the silly things that make him special as it was for me to write about them. woo-hoo.

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