Thursday, September 4, 2008

ahoy, matey!

they're done.

as of this morning, i have officially finished the boys' halloween costumes.

here they are in all their glory. my boys are ready to set sail on the black pearl in these lovely pirate costumes.

i really am kind of proud of these things. no pattern. just my imagination, walmart, hobby lobby and less than $12 for the two of them combined. and less than an hour's worth of work.
now it's time to move on to bigger tasks. daddy & mommy pirate still need costumes. let me tell you, if the little squirts don't go to sleep soon (and it doesn't sound like they are going to), i may pack them in the car and run to jo ann for some fabric. i'm that pumped about this.
this will be our first year dressing up as a family.
last halloween, mr. n was keeping us up till all hours & mr. w was still in the nicu. nobody felt much like wearing a costume. it was all we could do to hand out candy to the kids. come to think of it, neither b nor i did that. we passed that job off on my dad, who loves any opportunity to talk with a captive audience. and kids waiting with bags open as you dangle candy in front of them are just that -- captive.
so this year it has to be good. and i think it will.
watch out johnny depp, i think my boys may take from you the title of "cutest pirate ever."

1 comment:

Nicole said...

oh my gosh, i am dying to see them wearing those! J was a pirate at 3 and it was one of my faves.

are you going to draw on a mustache with eyeliner?

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