Tuesday, August 19, 2008

6 things you may never have wanted to know about me!

my wonderful friend valinda tagged me recently & now i'm supposed to tell you the 6 quirkiest things about myself...

1. i love...no, maybe i'm obsessed with...costumes. i don't know when it started or why it started, but i have to have a new one every year. and it can't be store-bought. it has to be home made or altered from a thrift-store find. and it has to be accurate. all the way down to the way i style my hair and the color of my lipstick. in a previous post i put up some pictures from various murder mystery parties i've participated in, complete with costume. i've also been in plays & various school festivals that "required" hours and hours worth of costume making. oh, and did i mention halloween? candy & costumes -- i don't care the origins (after all, the christmas tree was also pagan at one point in time), that is a winning combo in my book. and the boys' b-day is the week before halloween. let's just say that until they can protest, the theme of their party will co-incide with their halloween costumes. yay!

2. my husband dresses me. seriously. he is the fashionista of this duo. when i was in college, my roomie told me that she would hurt me if i purchased one more shirt that was the color of oatmeal. it was then that i began to realize that my wardrobe was lacking. seriously, i opened my closet & everything i owned was some shade of brown. and i loved it! but she introduced me to color -- although i was afraid of red for several years. when b met me, i was wandering around the fashion hub of barcelona wearing menorquinas (a slab of tire with 2 strips of leather to keep them on your foot -- a step up from the isotoner slippers i wore through college), home made bellbottom jeans, an oversized t-shirt, and my trusty blue sweater (a huge grey-blue monstrosity with no shape that hits just above the knees) with my bible in one pocket & kleenex in the other (or, on a good day, a cookie).

3. even at over 6-feet tall, i am deathly afraid of heights. i remember one fine day climbing up in a tree with my brother & roomie, only to be frozen & unable to come back down. seriously, they told me my feet were a mere 3 feet off the ground. i have also been similarly frozen (and unashamed!) on a zip line (i had to scoot off the platform) and a bungee jump (i had to find an alternate route down).

4. i won't call you. if you call me, that's great. if i have to do the calling, i start to sweat & hope for your answering machine. i beg b to take care of all things phone related. i wonder what the technical name for phone-a-phobia is.

5. i am too cheap to spend more than $30 on a shirt -- that just seems extravagant to me. however, i would go out to eat (if given the opportunity) several times a week and not even blink about dropping more than $30 each time.

6. my biggest pet peeve right now is those big blue carts at wal mart. you know, the ones with the double kid seats hooked on so people like me can (in theory) put my little guys in there & shop for groceries. i hate the fact that, 1st, i have to drive all over the parking lot looking for one, or park & run in one side & then the other hoping that there is one available. and 2nd, when i finally find one, the straps are broken. how irritating is that? i guess the quirky thing about this is that i always leave a note that says "broken harness" on them. i doubt anyone ever reads them, but it's the best i can do.

if you are reading this, and you have a blog, consider yourself TAGGED.


Anonymous said...

SOOOO fun!!!

Nicole said...

You are hysterical.

And now I also know why we never call each other.

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