Thursday, August 6, 2009

busy busy busy

trying to get this house put together takes a lot of our time & energy these days (well, i didn't have much energy to start with, so i don't really know where that leaves me). but we've managed to make some more progress...

the living room is where most of our furniture from the townhome now resides, so i have to admit there wasn't a TON of work to be done here, but we did have to purchase a few things to fill up the space & then figure out how it was going to be arranged. it feels pretty good to have it done & be ready to have some company over. what do you think? want to come have some coffee?

and a view from the top (i love the height of this room)
our family room...i guess that's what it's going to be largely unfurnished at the moment. doubling our living space has left us a bit empty in some places. the vision is to have this be the room where the kids can romp around & make a mess (check...right now it's their empty run-around space) and we can sit comfortably on a sofa (sleeper, preferably, to host more out-of-towners) and watch tv or listen to music as a family. it will also house my desk & sewing machine (check, check) for all my crafty ideas. besides the sofa, we wanted an armoir to house the tv, vcr (yes, we still have one), dvd player, & b's stereo system (he's so proud of it). but we knew that it would be a long while before we could really afford to get one. until, that is, i found this...this baby is pure craigslist love...$20...AND they delivered it!
granted, our 14-inch tv looks a little ridiculous in there, but it'll do. b thinks his speaker stands flanking it "look like they were made for it, they match so well." men & their electronic equipment. sigh.

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Britt said...

The house is looking great! I love your style. Our house... is a great big mess all the time. Even at its cleanest and most organized, it looks more cluttered than your place. Sigh... 60 year old house + a pack rat husband... I'll never win. :)

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