Friday, August 14, 2009


most of the rooms in this house i've got some sort of vision for...usually that vision comes accompanied by the very vocal opinions of the hubby.

the master bedroom & bathroom, while not done in reality, are nearly finished in my head. the family room, we've been looking at furniture for a while & seem to agree (if what we want isn't gone by the time we get around to buying it).

my kitchen, however, is another story entirely.

i'll not be doing anything major with it until probably 2010, but i would like to have a plan. at least a sort of a plan.

the kitchen now is inoffensive...neutral...a bit on the dull side...
i would love to paint those cabinets...but what color?
i would love to update those countertops (if it's within the budget)...but to what?

i have had a love affair with all things spain, as you well i would love to incorporate this
into the feel of the cocina without going overboard.

beyond, that, i haven't a clue.

so start thinking...we've got a little bit of time & i need your help!


Robin said...

The house is looking great, Meg!

Britt said...

Personally, this may seem boring, but I'd go with white. Then you can paint your walls yellow to match the plate, and add the deep blue touches. Pottery, tile somewhere, towels, that sort of thing. Or, tile the island or make the wall under the cabinets a tiled backsplash with Spanishy looking colors.

Our kitchen is similar - all my Mexico and Spain stuff is in there. It's all red, blue, and yellow. We have a teeny tiny kitchen, so I'm sure the effect is overwhelming, but I love it! :)

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