Wednesday, July 29, 2009


one room at a time...

i am trying to get the new house put together & looking more-or-less the way i want it, but being 7-months preggers slows me down a little bit.

my first goal has been to get the boys' room done so i can move them out of the nursery & into a cute new BIG BOY ROOM! that way, i can put the crib back together and (hopefully) have a nursery ready for baby brother when he makes his appearance.

i don't have a "before" photo, as there was nothing really before. just an empty room waiting for us. but here's the "after":
thanks to our friends from church for putting those TWO big boy beds together for me! hooray! see those white bookshelves? i kid you not, i had them in my very own big-girl room about 30 years ago. only they were dark brown then. they were, however, still the same low-quality, particle-board-covered-in-a-layer-of-veneer-so-thin-it-could-be-contact-paper shelving units that they are today (with a fresh coat of paint). a big shout out to my folks for investing in the high-quality stuff that lasts for generations.

i was a bit nervous about how the little dudes would do sleeping in individual beds. we all know how much they love cuddling, after all. but they did great...even fell asleep in separate beds.

however, a peek in on them in the morning revealed that mr. w had apparently gotten a bit lonesome in the middle of the night & decided it was time to join his brother. mr. n didn't seem to mind one bit. even big boys need a little love & togetherness sometimes.

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Britt said...

I LOVE their room! So cute!

Funny - even with just one our house seems to have shrunk... Already I think about what will have to happen when #2 comes along.

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