Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mommy, WOW! I'm a big kid now!

One day about 2 weeks ago I accidentally potty trained Shorty.
He knew what the potty was and knew if he used it he'd get stickers on his chart and M&Ms in his tummy. He knew that he'd get to wear his super-cool Thomas underpants if he started to use the potty as more than just a place to sit while he brushed his teeth.
However, the tiny man was not really interested in giving it a go...and I was not interested in a big fight. You can read about my fights with his brothers here and here and here and here.
One Thursday, we went to watch the Brothers swim and then collect them from school. This usually takes 45 minutes. Naturally, I didn't bring a clean diaper. Also naturally, Shorty pooped 2 minutes after we arrived. I took him into the restroom, cleaned him up, rummaged through the emergency clothes kept at the school, and found a pair of underpants. We put them on, and I instructed him to keep his pants dry, promising that he could wear his Thomas underpants when we got home if he did.
That was that, my friends. He's been clean and dry ever since. There was a day of minor rebellion this past week after we discovered that Daddy had eaten all the M&Ms, but we pushed through. Now I officially have a house full of big boys.
And I would say that somebody is a little excited about wearing Thomas the Tank Engine on his hiney.

1 comment:

mommag said...

Love it---life should be a bit easier now--just the quick search for a bathroom when he says he needs to go wherever you are.

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