Monday, June 14, 2010

La Dolce Vita

The hubby has been dying to watch this movie with me. So Saturday night, after all the kiddos were in bed, he found it on one of our 2 favorite online movie-viewing sites.

However, as the movie began to play, we realized (quickly) that there was a problem.

No Subtitles.

Granted, we did spend nearly a year living in Italy & worked really hard to have a working knowledge of the language. That, though, was 6 years ago. And we were talking with human beings who could speak more slowly, repeat, and even rephrase if necessary. The classic Fellini film, on the other hand, was going to prove to be more of a final exam than a relaxing pseudo date night.

So a-searching he did go.

And seemingly found a site where we could watch this movie for free with subtitles.

Clearly, it was not our night. A very strange virus quickly attacked our little laptop, which was already on it's last leg -- what with missing keys, random freezes, and a 30-second battery life.


The price of a sweep to the laptop was not worth it, considering the aforementioned condition of said computer. We took a deep breath & purchased a new one.

Aren't unexpected expenses fun?

This weekend we didn't think la vita was all that dolce, honestly.

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