Friday, March 6, 2009

a taste of the madness's been a while since i've updated this blog & i don't even know where to begin.

life has been busy.

busy, but normal.

not much exciting, not much funny, not much at all. but here i go, blogging about the madness that is my life while the boys sit in their chairs wondering if the bread they are snacking on is really all they are getting for dinner.

why is it i can never time a baked potato correctly?

that bread may, in fact, be it guys. sorry.

in the past month, we've all suffered with a bout of the stomach flu (no need to go into details -- "ick" should be sufficient), found out for sure we're just having ONE baby this time (and there was much rejoicing), and been visited by the flying dutchman (no not the ship)

although that would have been exciting.

more like this guy:
lucien, the dutchman we met while we were all living in barcelona, who then drove me across europe (with screaming cat -- yes, in case you didn't know, cats are perfectly capable of screams) so that i could join b when we moved to padua, italy, who then moved to glasgow, scotland and has been m.i.a. ever since.

perhaps not as exciting as if a ghost ship had suddenly appeared in southeast denver, but fun for us, nonetheless.

after he left, we all suffered round 2 of the stomach flu. once again, ick. since then, i've been trying to think of ways to get the munchkins to eat something other than oatmeal, cheerios, and blueberry waffles. not that i have anything against breakfast food, but i feel that perhaps it's time to branch out.

so i started racking my brain trying to think of things i liked as a kid. that's when i remembered "cheese stuff." i wasn't sure about the real name for this meal, but i remembered how to make it. it just sounds delicious doesn't it -- CHEESE STUFF. i was sure the boys would like it.

and i was right.

i have since discovered that the truly correct name for this delicacy is Welsh Rabbit (or Rarebit as it has been americanized into, as it contains no rabbit at all).

if you think it sounds fancy or hard to make, you don't know me very well.

it is cheese sauce on toast
b thought it looked horrid & wouldn't touch it.

what's not to love, though? cheese. toast. yum.

there seems to be no online consensus of how to make it, & i don't claim that my way is the best or the most authentic, but it sure is easy & tasty:

melt a pat of butter & add flour to make a paste
add milk & bring to a boil while stirring constantly until the consistency is thick
add beef bouillon to taste
add mustard to taste
add lots of sharp cheddar cheese
stir until it's melty & yummy
serve over toast

and, well, there you have it. my life for the past month.

maddeningly exciting.

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The Page Family said...

Thanks for the update! Cheese toast...ummmmm maybe I'll try it!

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