Monday, February 16, 2009

i heart

valentine's day.

we don't usually do to much to celebrate. my birthday is just the week before, restaurants are packed, & flowers are overpriced on that day.

this year we did a different kind of celebrating.

b made the ultimate sacrifice & agreed to spend too much money, have a hectic weekend, and fly with me and the boys to northeastern ohio (what a romantic spot, eh?)

to celebrate love.

the love of a grandma that is.

my sweet grandma flo turned 95 (!) on friday & this weekend was all about her.

we had an entire restaurant reserved for her birthday meal & family flew in from denver, boston, seattle, texas -- just for her. then we headed back to her place (yes, she still lives on her own) to indulge in homemade cake & ice cream. sunday at church they had a special video honoring her life (when i get a copy, i'll post it -- complete with embarrassing mid-80s photos of all the cousins).

happy birthday gram!

1 comment:

The Page Family said...

Sounds like a blast...hey I was sicky yesterday so didn't make it to church but Amy and I both have presents for that teen there another way I can get them to you?...when are you giving them to her?

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