Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Part 2

 Our second week of Advent has been busy and fun! It feels like we've been crafting up a storm. Here we go:

Day 8: Celebrate Auntie Jo's birthday by making her favorite cake
stirring up the strawberry cake

W concentrates on the icing
L thinks it's hard work
N "accidentally" gets a LOT of icing on his hands
 Day 9: Drink hot cocoa from Christmas mugs (with plenty of marshmallows) and sing Christmas Carols together as a family

 Day 10: Make Christmas T-shirts

Yes, we have matching Christmas shirts. Yes, we are cheesy. Yes, we love it.
 Day 11: Make handprint snowmen ornaments
Some of them look like ducks...but I'm not anal about making things look "perfect" when they were made by my boys. The perfection is in the imperfection.
 Day 12: Learn about the angel Gabriel's announcement to Mary and make angel puppets
 Day 13: Make (and EAT!) ice cream cone Christmas trees
L is proud of his creation
W can't stop giggling!

N "accidentally" makes a mess with his icing that he needs to

look, ma, no hands!
 Day 14: Celebrate Jesus' birthday with cupcakes, candles, and the birthday song!
Happy Birthday, dear Jesus! Happy Birthday to YOU!
delicious North Pole cupcakes with a peppermint stick and a sprinkling of sugar to look like snow

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Julia said...

Advent = a lot of delicious treats at your house. I like it.

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