Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Advent Part 4

We have had a really fun time finishing up the Advent season and preparing our hearts for Christmas. Here are our last few activities:

Day 22 - Wise Men Craft

We read the story of the three wise men from Matthew chapter 2 and made a star mobile to hang from the ceiling and lead the way to the infant king. We also learned the chorus of "We Three Kings" to sing together as I sang the verses.

Oh! Star of Wonder, Star of Night!

Day 23 - Wild Lights at the zoo

We headed across the river to have Christmas with Grandpa and Gigi, who were able to join us for the zoo lights. The only thing that would have made the day more fun was if Daddy hadn't been on call.

W climbing on a giant beetle instead of enjoying the lights
N liked the trees with lots of colors
goofing with Grandpa
N and Gigi on the carousel: on the tiger and cheetah (he LOVES big cats)
W and Grandpa on the carousel: on a penguin (one of W's faves) and a donkey
so pretty
Day 23 - Find and open your "Christmas Eve" present

Each of us had a box under the tree marked as "Christmas Eve." The boys got the job of finding them, then we took turns opening.
W first: Angry Birds (red for him, of course) with Santa hats!
Next N: green (of course) with Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater with reindeer antlers
L's turn: Toy Story aliens with candy canes (maybe just striped jet packs, but close enough) and plenty of green and blue
Daddy got Santa Snoopy and buffalo plaid flannel pants. Mommy (not pictured) got Mickey and Minnie Mouse on ice skates
despite the fact that it was 11a.m., the littles had to try on their Christmas pjs
Day 25 - There was plenty of fun to be had! Waffles for breakfast, egg nog, stockings and presents at our house, the same at Yaya and Grandad's house, Christmas carols, gingerbread cookie decorating, hot chocolate.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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