Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas (take 2 & 3)

Christmas part 2 came to us after a LONG drive from Denver to the Lou. Leaving at 3a.m. is perfect for the twins. They sleep a good 3-4 hours at the beginning of the trip and then another hour or so after lunch and we arrive just in time for dinner & bed. Shorty is not quite as fond of going back to sleep, but he is in a zone for at least 2 hours. So it works.

The boys (and the rest of us) were inundated -- by my parents -- with enough gifts that they didn't even know what to do with themselves after a while. Buzz and Woody made appearances in the form of stuffed toys, blankets, books, and movies. Everything Buzz belongs to Mr. N, who keeps repeating, "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" while Woody is Mr. W's favorite by far, and even has to be tucked into bed with the little man every night.

Christmas part 3 required another drive, nearly as long as the first. *barf* But involved lots of aunt, uncle, and cousin fun! N & his cousin Kayleigh are born buddies -- perfect playmates. Neither one has ever known a stranger. N's philosophy is "I'm here to play; tell me what to do." Kayleigh's is "Let me tell you the best way to play." She's going to get him into a lot of trouble one of these days! W had a great time, too & was able to remember cousins he hasn't seen in half a year just at the mention of names.

Me: We're going to cousin Drew's house. We love cousin Drew.
W: Yes. (PINTER PAUSE) He scary.

I found it hard not to laugh. W did eventually warm up to my cousin, but it took some doing. Shorty, on the other hand, is not fond of parties or strangers (and my family is strange). On top of that, he had a head cold that was making him extra-irritable. He napped in the corner for a while and then insisted on being held with a binky in his mouth and a blankie over his head for the rest of the evening.

As always, we followed up with karaoke & the LONG return trip to St. Louis.

Not looking forward to the rest of the drive back to the Rocky Mts.

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