Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas (take 1)

We had our first round of Christmases this past weekend, hosted by my fabulous mother-in-law. She always puts on a great feast & the kiddos LOVE her & all her energy. Here are a few favorite quotes from the day:

(in the car heading to Grandma's house)
W: That present for Auntie Jo?
N: NO! It Jesus' birthday! That present for Jesus!

(relaxing at Grandma's house)
N: (points to Auntie's pregnant belly) That's Baby Cousin.
Auntie: Yes, it is.
N: (looking very concerned) He too big. He has to come out now.

(opening a Thomas tent & tunnel from Auntie & Uncle)
W: (hands on his cheeks, Macaulay Culkin style) OH MY! OH MY! OH MY!

1 comment:

Jessy with a "Y" said...

Your boys are so CUTE!!! It was nice seeing you today. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Safe traveling to and from, here and there...

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