Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my so-called life

fish sticks cooked, served and devoured.  nap time.

w needs every stuffed animal in bed with him, heads on the pillow, kissed, hugged, and tucked in.
n wants his "maff" (giraffe) and monster truck kissed, hugged, and in bed with him.
lights off, i leave the room, and a short party ensues.

the baby is changed, fed, played with, and content.

my lunch is put on the stove.

hearing that the twins' party is nearing an end, i open the door to re-tuck them into bed & give out the appropriate kisses once again.

"uh-oh, mess," n declares, grabbing his crotch. i notice that he has managed to remove his diaper inside his clothes (thank goodness it was a pajama day and the footie pjs kept the "mess" from being spread around the room).  i take him out to the other room so i can work on getting him cleaned up.

"pee. diaper," his brother states matter-of-factly, insisting that i change his diaper, too.  w gets a quick change, and then tucked back into bed. 

cue the baby.

little britches has rolled over & gotten himself stuck in a position he doesn't like. screams ensue.  thankfully, n isn't very thrilled about his predicament and is lying patiently on the floor while i soothe the screeching one.

the baby has been placated. back to the task at hand. i have no desire to describe in detail the "mess" in n's pants or the cleanup process. needless to say, it took a while. in the meantime, the baby is getting sleepy.

sleepiness & the small fry...if i catch his cues & get him down when his cheeks are rosy & his arms are flailing, we are all happy.  i have about 120 seconds to catch those cues and start to get him down before my otherwise easy baby becomes a screaming, crying nightmare.

needless to say, it's difficult to see rosy cheeks and flailing arms when up to one's elbows in you-know-what.

cue the baby. (offstage screaming)

finally...the mess is clean, the clothes have been changed, and a happy mr. n is tucked back into his bed and ready for a nap.  i rush to the baby's room, swaddle him up, give him his pacifier, and rock with him in my favorite chair until he has settled down and is practically asleep.

into the crib with that one.  take a deep breath & head downstairs.

what's that smell?

oh, had you forgotten too?

my lunch was on the stove.


Kelly said...

just think how completely BORING life would be without your three peanuts! thanks for the chuckle. :)

The Kennedy Krew said...

That sounds crazy!!! the good news is...this too shall pass my friend!!

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