Thursday, May 7, 2009

the name game

since we still don't get to use either of the girls' names we had picked out when the twins were still little bean pods, we have been playing the name game again. we find naming little boys to be arduous.

here's the way it works around my house: i come up with a list of about 50 names that i think would work -- usually with about 2-3 that i actually love. i give the list to my darling hubby who, without hesitation or much thought, begins to cross off every single name from the list.


needless to say, i love this process.

so, today as i was searching an internet database for boy names, i began a list to present to b this evening as we are sitting down to dinner. i don't think it will take him very long at all to notice that this list is different.

at the risk of offending some of you (although i doubt it), here is my list of names that i would absolutely never under no circumstances consider naming my little boy, although someone must have, since they were on a very prominent baby naming site:

Banjo - not even sure i like it as an instrument, let alone a name
Cannon - the camera or the weapon?
Chilli - delicious, but not for a child's name
Clever - i'm all about names with meaning, but, really?
Cocoa - for a BOY?
Columbo - why not? his brother magnum p.i. thought it was a great name!
Curry - again, the food thing, yummy though
Darth - vadar?
Dong - um...
Flan - a tasty mexican dessert...
Gattaca - as in the movie with ethan hawke & jude law?
Hades - seriously, people, who does this to her child?
Heinz - admittedly, the best ketchup, but...
Humvee - who loves a car this much?
Hyman - hymen? nice
Ice - ice, baby...
Jedi - some sci-fi lovers out there, i guess...
Kevork - ian, as in dr. jack the dr. of death?
Lavender - really? for a little boy?
Lucifer - why, oh why would someone do that?
Oma - german for grandma?
Oscosh - b'gosh
Philander - look up "philanderer" in the dictionary...
Phuc - um...
Rad - very 80s, dude
Rong - i agree, it is rong, very very rong
Shrek - he was a green monster, for goodness sake!
Starbuck - has the world really come to this? how about caramel macchiato?
Suave - rrrrrico.......suuuuaaaveeee
Uzi - automatic weapons, fantastic
Yogi - bear
Zero - you've got to give your kid a little something more than this to live up to, people you have a favorite?


Kelly said...

LOVE this. :) thanks for the giggles! we looked at a rodeo roster on our last go 'round, and some of the more memorable names were Cash (you know my hubby) and Rope (appropriate for a cowboy). good luck!

Robin said...

I don't know... I'm afraid "Starbuck" might be pretty appropriate for one of my children... I'll add it to MY list - thanks!

holynickel said...

Awesome!!! I hated the name wars!!

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