Monday, October 27, 2008

Fiesta Fun! We're One!

my little guys turned one year old last friday!

it's hard to believe that a year ago today we were all still in the hospital and now here we are...16 teeth and a couple of inches of hair year old. it's been a wild ride, and -- as everyone at wal-mart seems to feel the need to mention -- i've got my hands full.

i loved this birthday because (although it's all about them) it's all about me. what do i want the theme to be? what kind of cake do i want to make? whom do i want to invite? (i'd like to take a moment to glory in correct grammar -- ah! okay, i'm done) it's great.

since the birthday is just a week before halloween, i decided to make the most of it and use these as the inspiration for the little fiesta. i didn't want to go overboard, but i thought that a mild pirate theme would be just perfect and not too much work. the hardest part was to find "cute" pirate stuff instead of "creepy" pirate stuff. creepy & one year old just don't jive as far as i'm concerned.

i found some adorable plates & booty chests (we had a few laughs over that one) to fill with treasures & give away. there were even little hats for everyone to wear, if they felt so inclined. the party store even had pirate rubber duckies! my favorite, though, was the fish tank shopping that led to a piratey cake with very little effort.

very little effort was my favorite part. effort is overrated.
i just want to share a few pics of how adorable the little guys looked in their pirate duds. nolan is the green pirate & wes is the yellow one.

land lubbers beware! you will see these costumes again on the 31st!

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