Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another Wednesday...already

Time flies when you're having fun.

Or when you're just so freaking busy you can't see straight.

But it's all the same thing, right? I mean, this whole being an adult's mostly about being busy and hoping we can at least enjoy what it is we are busy with. 

I don't think I've had time to be bored in the past 10 years. And it just keeps getting busier. 

And so I woke up this morning and it was already Wednesday again. I actually had to stop and think about how it is we got here:
  • Thursday was school and swim and soccer. 
  • Friday was school again and frantic cleaning before the hubby got back from a business trip (and pretending that we had kept the house tidy all week without him)
  • Saturday was soccer games stretched out across the whole stinking day with errands tossed in between.
  • Sunday was Mother's Day.
  • Monday was so much laundry and school and grouchiness/naughtiness/wild rumpus-ing all around. Mama said there'd be days like these.
  • Tuesday was more school and a trip to Urgent Care and (thankfully) no stitches.
I guess we did manage to get back to Wednesday again. Like I said, time flies when you are being an adult.

So, What are we Dooooing?

Wednesday. Our day of life learning. Our adventure day. Our field trips. Our unschooling. Somehow it was feeling overwhelming this morning. Probably because I hadn't exactly planned anything and was in a scramble to figure something out.

Something that ideally still pertained to the Middle Ages, as we are just transitioning out of that time period and I hadn't looked ahead to see what is coming up next week.

Something nearby, as the minutes were ticking away already.

Something that didn't have to be an all-day commitment if I started feeling overwhelmed, as I have been known to do. Especially this week. I wanted to be able to bail out and come home to a glass of red wine at any moment.

Something that was relatively calm, as I really didn't want to have to re-glue/tape the split forehead that sent us to urgent care yesterday. He found the Skittles in the waiting room to be a comfort. I was longing for that above-mentioned glass of red.

So we headed downtown to Exploration Place. It's a lovely little science museum (hint, hint, all you out-of-town friends who - unbelievably - still haven't visited us in the Sunflower State), and we hadn't been in a long time. We watched the balls drop in the gravitron. We could probably watch this thing all day. It's like a miniature version of the one at the St. Louis Science Center. We could watch that one all day, too.
We built and built and built with Keva blocks. It's fun to be both an architect and a construction worker. We built a village complete with a monster, an apartment complex, and a skyscraper. Mr. W in the background there built the Lincoln Memorial.
How I pretended our visit "tied in" with our core curriculum is the castle play area. King Peter and King Edmund sat on their thrones at Cair Paravel.
The three Wild Things Brave Knights built a cantilevered bridge to cross the moat and enter the castle, where they played a rousing game of tag.
Sir Shorty was outwitted by his older brothers and was captured and thrown into the stocks to be mocked publicly.
Then we rounded off our day with some burgers from Braum's and some play time at the playground next to the museum.
Most of today didn't line up with our curriculum, but it doesn't really matter. Learning is learning. Fun is fun. And a sunny day in May is made for Wild Things and knights.

Now I'm going to pour myself that glass of wine.

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