Wednesday, February 10, 2016



According to some, I am now officially "over the hill." Although, there appear to be several other proverbial hills that I will hopefully have the honor of going over along this crazy journey called life.

So, I am standing here at the precipice of this hill. And I have to say, I am enjoying the view.

Behind me are years of insecurity and self-discovery, years of sleepless nights and dirty diapers.

Ahead of me I see miles and miles of not caring as much if I am cool or fashionable or liked. I see the confidence to let loose and just be me. I see a light on the horizon as my children grow into young men who are both capable and independent. As they grow, so will I. I will once again have a little time and energy to devote to my own interests. I can even bask in the fact that for now at least, the munchkins need me less and less but still like to have me around. It's a glorious balance.

Once upon a time FORTY seemed like an impossibly large number. That I would be OLD. That the best years of my life would be behind me.

But from what I've tasted of 40 so, it's pretty sweet. In fact, it has hints of coconut and rum.
if you like pina colada...for your Jamaica
Jamaican birthday with cricket
birthday coconuts
birthday giggles
birthday bouquet bigger than my head
birthday cake with one sweet boy
birthday snow with the amazing twins...squint to make them both appear
birthday shopping spree with my personal fashion consultant
birthday tiramisu
birthday coconut with friends
Here's to the next decade and to ageing like fine wine.

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