Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Did I forget to mention...?

This amazing boy had a birthday a month ago.
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He took us by storm 6 years ago and has manged to melt my heart just about every. single. day. since.
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2014 at Grinter Farms
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Our creative little man wanted to celebrate his big day with a Lego party. He was voting for Lego Star Wars, really, but we settled on just plain Lego to make Mommy's life easier.

After all, we were going to be having this party in a hotel room at the Lake of the Ozarks.

I asked him if he could cut me a little slack. Thankfully, he agreed. We scaled back his dream party enough that it was able to travel in the back of the trusty Honda.

So, off we went to our little piece of Midwestern paradise. Sigh.

Before the festivities got underway, the Birthday Boy had to endure a few hours out on the lake. It's not his favorite part of the trip, but he snuggled in and suffered through some choppy waters while the rest of us had fun. Despite the chill in the air, the water was incredibly warm, and the kids did decide on a dip before we had to turn back.

Back in the hotel room, the spread was ready and waiting. There were snacks and games and presents enough to make a new 6 year old giddy.

Lego head marshmallows were both adorable and delicious.

There was a whole army of chocolate Lego men surrounding the ruins of a chocolate brick wall.

The cake was topped with gummy Lego bricks and multicolored sprinkles. It looked like the floor after an afternoon spent creating. Shorty called the cake "blue surprise" because it looked white until you cut in and...SURPRISE! The cake itself was bright blue.
By the way, those Lego gummy things were just chewy masses of tastelessness. Lovely for decorating the cake, not so much for the taste buds.

 We had a hilarious game of Stick the Face on Lego Luke Skywalker.

The tiny pinata proved difficult to defeat.

So much fun opening the presents (and playing with the new stuff)!

Later on, there was even time for a game of Foosball with Grandad.

And an evening dip in the cave pool, despite the chilly temperatures.

Thank you, Little Man, for the ways that you enrich and liven up our little household. I couldn't imagine our life without you and your effervescent spirit.

We love you tons and bunches.

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