Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saving Daylight

Everybody knows how most moms feel about time changes.

Springing forward used to just mean an hour less sleep. As a parent, it means wrestling your kids to bed at night before they are sleepy and then being late to church in the morning and dealing with tired and grouchy children while also being tired and grouchy.

Falling back, that once glorious night of an hour more sleep or party or reading, is forever changed with children. Their little bodies don't care that the clock reads 5.30 a.m. They are awake and ready for breakfast. And the little tyrants demand that you meet their needs.

I think one of the 3 things I actually liked about living in Arizona was that they don't buy into this whole time-change nonsense.

This morning, though, something glorious has happened in our house. It is 8.30 a.m. The laundry is done. The dishes are washed. The grocery list has been made. I even had a bath(!). Now I am sitting down to a cup of joe. And not a single other person in the house is awake.
getting silly with the webcam
You could say that I'm a little excited about this. My coffee is usually frigid and my ears full of the glorious chaos that is my life as a mommy to 3 little men. I love my crazy life. But I am going to savor this peaceful moment while I can. Moments like these don't happen very often while the sun is actually up, and this one is sure to be over soon.
do i look peaceful?


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