Tuesday, February 11, 2014

this one.

This guy.

He is a piece of work.

I can hardly keep up with him. He is endlessly entertaining and exhausting. Here is an example of a typical conversation with him. He had just described to me a ropes course he wanted to build in the back yard when he was struck with even more inspiration (while on the toilet). This is where the video picks up.

Well, it would be where the video picks up if the stupid ridiculous computer would let me upload it. It is having problems. Or I am. Whatever

Here, I typed it out for you instead. You'll just have to imagine him wiggling all over the place as he describes his grandiose plans:

"And a Climatron. Wait. A teeny tiny igloo, but make it out of...but make hard stuff for the ice, and do fluff inside the hard stuff. And then paint the ice clear. And then...and then put dots on it because snow. And then dig a tiny hole in it. And dig another hole in the other side. And then do a tiny hole in the top. And then do another one and it...on top and then another one on top. And both of them the same on top. And then...and then a pretend comb. And then a slide so we go on top. So we go on top and then go down again. And then...and then slide down. And then...and then a pretend underwear. And then make a part pretend underwear to go un...tunnel...an underwear tunnel...a hard underwear tunnel to go through and then...and then see treasure everywhere with a line through. And then there's a trap, and we have to swing over. And then climb all the way to the top of a ladder and swing all the way back. And then go back down another ladder. Wait. Dive down a big ladder. I will have to do that when I'm eight and they're...when I'm 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. When I'm 10 and they...what will they be when I'm 10? When I'm 10 and they're 12. That's all."

His little brain is going all the time. He thinks in ways that I don't really understand. Even when he's doing phonics worksheets.

L: This one is having some fun...he...he jumped upside down. That's why he's kind of like a "p."
Me: Well, is that a "d" or a "p" that you wrote?
L: "d"
Me: It looks like a "p" doesn't it?
L: But, he jumped upside down because he was super excited.

One of his favorite games lately is "Exquisite Corpses." If you don't know this game, you should. It really is kind of fun. Plus, the crazy results make Shorty laugh like nothing else. Recently, we had to stop playing the game on the train because his cackling was disturbing other passengers. I, personally, don't understand how the truly joyous laughter of a child can disturb anyone. The hubby, however, assures me that it can. Here are the "corpses" we created just today.

I was also just informed that his monkey, "Budget," is a super hero, so he needs a cape. Budget also has a machine inside his nose that makes sausage traps. Sausage traps, in case you were wondering, shoot sausages at bad guys' eyes so they can't see. These sausages also make the bad guys break into pieces whenever they hit something. They are magic sausages, apparently, that's why they can do that.

Now, if you don't mind, my head is spinning and it's time for me to try to get the monkey to sleep. The boy, too, if all goes according to plan.

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