Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Heart...

I heart tantrums.

And today has been full of them. So I must be having the time of my life.

Breakfast Tantrum: we don't have Cliff Bars. It was the end of the world.
Getting Dressed Tantrum: refusal to put on clothes by himself. It was apocalyptic that I was busy and couldn't help.
Time for School Tantrum: he had to stop coloring in order to start our lesson in a timely fashion. Inconceivable.
Time for School Tantrum #2: our "starting school" song started before he decided to get to class. Heaven forbid we start on time without him.
After School Tantrum: I wouldn't carry him up the steps. There was no way he could make it up on his own.
Lunch Tantrum: the food on the plate was unsatisfactory. He refused to eat.
After Lunch Tantrum: he was hungry. Surprise.
Free Play Tantrum: he was required to keep the Legos in his has always been the rule. It was unbelievably cruel for me to enforce said rule.
Clean Up Tantrum: I took to the trash a toy they had broken by trampling on it rather than cleaning it up.

And it hasn't been just one kid who is a little "off" today. All 3.
Maybe Mommy, too.
In between tantrums, they have been testing every rule. I may or may not be finding comfort in the kitchen.
It's a good thing I heart tantrums their sweet faces.

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