Monday, April 1, 2013

Bunnies and Eggs and the Cross, oh my!

Our Spring Break lined up with the week between Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday...I still refer to it as Semana Santa, even though we haven't lived in Spain since 2003.

I've always liked the fact that in Spain, Easter & the week leading up to it are a big deal. It makes sense. Christmas is important. Jesus was born, you know. However, His birth wouldn't really be so significant if it weren't for his death, burial, and resurrection.

The Atonement.

It's beautiful.

So we try to make Semana Santa a big deal around our house, too. Here's what we did this year:

It snowed on Palm Sunday...naturally we ran out the door to enjoy the last snow day. We even got in a day of sledding later in the week.

We have a lot of friends and family whom we don't see very much. We made them an Easter surprise! I didn't mail them in time, but...whatever
This year we decoupaged our eggs with egg white "glue" and colorful napkin pieces

Monday morning we made a stained glass window in the dining room to remind us every day that Easter is about Jesus' death on the cross to take away our sins

On Tuesday we made an Easter garden, complete with a "tomb." We discussed the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the garden where Jesus was buried. We learned the hymn "In the Garden." We added a cross on Good Friday, flowers on Easter Sunday, and rolled away the stone

On Wednesday we had Bunny Rolls for breakfast...

...and made bunny faces for the grandparents

On Thursday we celebrated the Last Supper with games and food

Friday was largely made white chocolate marshmallow bark

Here we are making Resurrection Rolls on Sunday morning...W is enclosing the "body of Jesus" (marshmallow) in the tomb (Pillsbury Crescent Roll)

L is showing me that the "tomb" is EMPTY! (and delicious)

After church, we found our Easter Baskets...Daddy was pretty excited

my handsome men all dressed up for Easter

Outdoor egg hunt at our house (can you believe the snow was covering the ground a week ago?)

we found a tiny slug on this egg
indoor egg hunt at Yaya & Grandad's house

reading with Yaya

Shorty's 1st ever bike ride before heading to bed & bringing an end to Semana Santa

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