Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advent - Week 2

It's been an amazing week. Here we go...
Day 8: Auntie Jo's Birthday...this is always part of our advent celebration, even when we can't be with her. We like cake. And birthdays. And Auntie Jo.
Day 9: Learn about the birth of Jesus and make manger pictures (they kept requesting more animals & people the surround the manger)
 Day 10: See Zoo Lights (L-R: N loved the monkeys in the trees, the whole fam, W was a little afraid of the dancing trees)

 Day 11: Watch White Christmas in Mommy and Daddy's bed

Day 12: Make shepherd scenes and learn how they worshiped Jesus and told everyone that "Jesus is born!"
 Day 13: Everybody say "gingerbread house!"
 Day 14: Choose some of our old toys to give away to charity (here they are going through their toys & giving me a "thumbs up" for helping kids in need)
 I have to say that they were super sweet with this activity. When we opened the door and read it, they both thought it was a great idea. W then announced that he "would like to give away his sleeping toy, Woody, to another boy or girl." This is a precious toy to him. When I reminded him that he wouldn't have Woody any more, he said, "I know. But I will still be happy."

In the end, we decided that maybe Woody should stay at our house. But we have boxes and boxes of other great things to give away.

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