Thursday, June 16, 2011 least it's a DRY heat

The temperatures in our new desert homeland were starting to soar past the 100 degree mark.

More pieces of furniture and other things in our corporate apartment were starting to fall apart (lamp, dresser, closet doors), the boys' beds had seemed to develop teeth and had bitten both the hubby and Thing 2 on the heel, and we may or may not have had bed bugs or another small biting crawling insect in at least one piece of furniture.

We still hadn't found a church to call "home."

And the breadwinner of the family was going to have a crazy month of work and we were facing several weeks of barely catching sight of him.

So...he kicked me and the boys out.

He took a look at his schedule and my frustrated face and twisted my arm and forced me to take a road trip to The Lou.

It's a good 10-20 degrees cooler here. But OH.MY.GOODNESS it has been a looooong time since I've lived anywhere with significant humidity.

I looked at the weather forecast for a morning we were headed to the park and was concerned that we hadn't packed jackets and long pants.


No need to worry. We were soaked in sweat by the end of our play date. Seriously. I am not used to this. I feel like I'm breathing under water. Or in the steam room at the gym. I've been running the A/C in the car just to pull out the humidity.

I'm not saying that 115 degrees is sounding good to me right now.

But I am wondering if the clothes I have hanging up to "dry" will ever get there...

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