Sunday, May 1, 2011

life in the desert (so far)

We've been here for almost a month and it seems like we are busy all the time. Doing what? I don't really know. But here are a few things I hear from the mouths of my babes nearly every day:

  • The men with trucks will bring all our toys and then we will be so so happy!
  • Are we going to our old house or our new house?
  • In-N-Out is Daddy's favorite.
  • Can we drive on the bumpy road?
  • Let's go to the frozen yogurt shop. I want worms and butterflies.
  • We made cards for our friends. The mail man took them in an airplane. Maybe our friends will say "thank you" to us.
  • I-K-E-A! What's it spell? IKEA!
  • You don't hug a cactus.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I dearly love the quotes from those cuties! Thanks for sharing, they made me smile!

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