Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coming Soon

That's what the sign in our yard says as of yesterday afternoon.

I've got some crazy cleaning to do before pictures are taken on Saturday (why am I blogging right now and not cleaning?) and the house is officially "on the market."

I am not looking forward to keeping it clean, that's for sure! Here's hoping the weather stays nice so we can spend some time at the park. Otherwise, you'll be able to find me most days at one of 3 places: the gym, the library, or Lil Monkey Bizness.

So far the funniest thing that has happened so far was when we were meeting with our realtor (working with the relocation company and their approved realtors and all that jazz is another story entirely). Anyway, the woman was asking my kiddos if they thought someone might want to buy our house. Mr. N piped up immediately: "YES! Jesus!"

Pretty sure we won't need to run a credit check if that's the case.

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