Monday, November 15, 2010


Apparently, we have forgotten what those 4 simple little letters at the end of an invitation mean. You know the ones I'm talking about "RSVP."

I was always under the impression that it stood for "répondez s'il vous plaît," meaning "please respond." However, either this isn't common knowledge or people are incredibly rude.

Seriously, when the number of invited guests actually attending a party could be anywhere from 18 to 48 depending on whether or not those 30 people who didn't bother to respond actually show up at the door.

Is there some way we can have a bouncer at the door of weddings and showers and birthday parties stationed at a table so the non-responders can leave their gift and then head home? Or how about a wrist band method where only those on the "list" get a wrist band and are entitled to things like food, a place to sit, and a party favor?

I like it.

Let's do it.

But, somehow, I think WE would be the ones considered "rude" in this little scenario.

Let's do it anyway.

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