Monday, December 15, 2008

confessions: i am not alone

i would like to take this time to state proudly some facts about myself that i have been too ashamed to admit until recently, when i discovered what fun laughing about such things can be.
  • i cannot touch my toes

  • i lack depth perception (which affects my driving & athletic abilities)

  • i cannot do a cartwheel
and most importantly,
  • i am not alone becuase these lovely friends are just like me:

thank you, ladies, for lots of laughs last night & for sharing in my afflictions! and it is most certainly the "fault" of our statuesque height and fabulous gams!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

i am going to have to say that it's a coordination issue, although you can keep blaming your height if you want.

i am neither statuesque or in possession of great gams (btw, i thought they only used that word in pregnancy magazines) and my cartwheels are ugly at best.

oh, well. more entertainment for everyone else...

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