Saturday, May 31, 2008

simple pleasures

It always amazes me how much pleasure my little guys get from the simple things in life. Things that make them smile, squeal with delight, or wiggle uncontrollably. If only all of us could find joy so easily.

Some things that entertain them right now:

the sound of their own voices
squeaky noises
the cat
each other's laughter

It's so sweet.

But yesterday afternoon they took it to a whole new level.

Naptime was just about finished and I could hear little sounds of delight coming to me live from the monitor which is unnecessary in our dinky house. I decided to investigate the source of their fun. I crept up the stairs and into their room. There were no giant squeals, just small happy sounds.

What could possibly have them so entertained?

I popped my head over the crib rail and it didn't take me long to discover it.

I don't know who was ultimately responsible (though my money's on Wes), but I do know that they were both deriving much pleasure from it.

"It" was a pile of regurgitated beef and peas from lunch. Both boys were running their hands through it, enjoying the new texture they had discovered.

Ah -- if only we could all take such joy in the simple things of life!

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