Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sweet Dreams

It has been a particularly trying couple of days with the Stink-meister. We think his reflux is really bothering him & even got a stronger prescription (which means differentiating between his bottles & his brother's).

He squirms & screams while he eats, or he will just flat-out refuse to take any food more than 1/2 an ounce, no matter how long it has been since his last feeding. Sometimes we can coax him into finishing a meal if we walk around the room and jiggle him violently while he eats. On a side note, i keep wondering how THAT would work if I were still trying to nurse him. Hmm . . .

Well, just when I thought I wanted to be done with motherhood entirely, last night happened.

He was screaming, as usual, when I put him down to sleep. I changed him to his car seat so I could rock him while I fed his brother. Eventually he did doze off. And then it happened . . .

He actually laughed out loud in his sleep!

How cute is that? He must have been dreaming of the pendulum on the clock. Or his daddy singing the theme of 2001: a Space Oddyssey. Whatever it was, it really got him going. And it made my day.

This morning we are back to gagging on his bottle and business as usual. But those sweet baby dreams still make me smile.

By the way, you are invited to check out the online proof book for the boys’ three-month photo shoot!

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